Peter’s underwear flapping in the breeze

fabric banner from underwear (5)

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Peter is constantly giving me old clothes to use the fabric. I amuse him by saying things like, “gee thanks, hon, I love these old worn out jeans.” He gave me a stack of his old underwear. Yes, underwear, no, tighty whities. Ok, these are interesting. Most came from Old Navy or Gap and had cute patterns.
I got the inspiration from this blog post.  I love the fabric banners or patio flags. They add a little whimsy to an outdoor setting.
So this project is using all items already on hand, so you know I have to buy a new tool. A rotary cutter. I’ve had a mat for a while, but no cutter. Oh I love this device. Zip Zip Zip and all my flags are cut. I did get a little crazy and ended up with a sewing casualty. I have about 3 scars and 6 stitches from my sewing accidents, mostly seam rippers and very hot irons.
Please note that I used an old greeting card as my pattern. I did sew the flags onto the polyester yarn since I plan to leave these out for the remainder of the summer. Come to think of it, it might give me joy in the dead of winter.

See photo set here.



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3 responses to “Peter’s underwear flapping in the breeze

  1. klouvat1

    so stinkin cute! what a fun idea.

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  3. Such a clever way to recycle. 😉

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